Where to Fish When Visiting Dewey Beach

Here's Where You Should Fish When Visiting Dewey BeachDo you enjoy fishing? If so, Dewey Beach in Delaware is one of the best places to do it. Outside of offering excellent weather and lots of beautiful sights, Dewey Beach can also provide you with an enjoyable fishing experience, regardless of whether you are an avid fisherman or someone looking to take your kids to fish for the first time.

Here are three places in Dewey Beach where you should cast your line during your next visit!

Indian River Inlet

The Indian River Inlet will give you the option of either walking out on a jetty to fish or hanging back by the marina to fish. It will also give you the opportunity to catch a wide range of fish, including striped bass, flounder, sea trout and so much more. There are plenty of families with younger children who go to fish.  There is also a bait and tackle shop located nearby where you can pick up a license and any supplies you might need.

Keybox Road

Looking for a fishing spot that is a little more secluded? Keybox Road is nestled in between Dewey Beach and the Indian River Inlet, and it usually does not draw big crowds. It is very peaceful just about any time of the day and you will be able to catch more fish with less competition surrounding you. If you are searching for something off the beaten path, this is the spot for you.

Tower Beach

Tower Beach will provide you with great fishing and a little bit of U.S. history. There are watch towers dating back to World War II that dot the area, and while there are many people who visit this beach for some much-needed R&R, there is plenty of space to stretch out and fish in the less crowded areas. It is perfect for those who want to fish and enjoy the beach at the same time.

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