Tips For Working Out While On Vacation

Dewey Beach VacationGoing on vacation is no excuse for ditching your exercise plan. Sure, you may not be able to stick to your everyday routine, but with these tips for working out while on vacation, you’ll be able to stay in shape no matter where you are.

Bring the gym with you

You can get a fantastic workout using a resistance band to work your upper and lower body and a jump rope for your cardio. Both items will fit easily in your suitcase and weigh next to nothing.

Look into exercise facilities near your destination

Even if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, there may be gyms or fitness studios a quick walk or drive away. Many of them will offer special deals for new clients, and some hotels even give out discount vouchers.

Get outside

Depending on your destination and the season, you can find some excellent outdoor workout options. For example, if you’re staying seaside you could go for a walk or run on the beach, try stand-up paddle boarding, go for a swim or play beach volleyball.

Be realistic

Enjoy your vacation—don’t expect yourself to complete your full training regimen while you travel. If you aim for about half of what you normally do, you’ll be in good shape (literally and figuratively).

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