Save the Miles, Rent a Car

If you’re planning a beach vacation, you might want to save the miles and rent a car for the trip. It not only saves your car from the extra wear and tear, but you can probably find a more economical option with a car rental company.

Plus, if you are meeting family or friends at your destination, car pooling with them in a slightly larger rented vehicle can possibly save everyone a little stress and money.

As you compare car rental companies, keep in mind:

  • If the car you are looking at renting has everything you need. For example, smart connectivity, enough passenger and luggage room, etc.
  • If the quoted rate is the real final price. Make sure all taxes and associated fees are all in the final quote.
  • If the pick up and drop off location and dates are convenient for you.
  • If your current vehicle insurance policy covers rental cars too, so you don’t double pay for insurance at pick up.

Our 5 favorite car rental websites:





And ask about their discounts. *Many offer extra deals to AAA or AARP members.

As a side note: if you are thinking a new car might be in your future, test driving it for a long weekend or week will give you a much better idea if the car is right for you.

So go ahead, save the miles, rent a car!

save miles, rent a car

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