Road Trip Activities for Kids

Dewey Beach Roadtrip TipsGot a long drive to the Dewey Beach area this spring or summer? It doesn’t have to be hours of your kids asking, “Are we there yet?” With some advanced planning, kids can stay occupied and happy during road trips. Here are some fun road trip activities for kids:

Make an activity binder

Before the trip, fill a three-ring binder with clear plastic sheets. In each, place a sheet of paper with a simple activity, like tic-tac-toe or hangman. You can also give kids drawing suggestions: the entire family enjoying a beach day, perhaps?

Play traveler’s alphabet

This simple game is perfect for road trips. Player one starts with the letter A: “I’m going on a journey to Antarctica, where I’ll do some acrobatics.” The next player completes the sentence with the letter B.

Give kids travel journals

Give each of your kids a pretty notebook to make a travel journal. Have kids write about the destination, the journey and interesting things they notice along the way.

Buy (or rent) some audiobooks

For older kids, audiobooks are a great way to stay occupied. If you don’t care to buy them, check some out from your local library!

Now that you know what to do with kids on your road trip to Dewey Beach, it’s time to book a place to stay once you get there! Check out the Atlantic View Hotel, located right on the beach. We’re currently closed for the winter season, but for spring or summer stays, book online today!

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