Meet Jason Mathis-White

Throughout the year, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our amazing people. We thought you’d like to get to know the staff better. They are the heart of our hotel and why we achieve incredible accolades and high Trip Advisor ratings. We interviewed Jason Mathis-White, General Manager, at Atlantic View Hotel, to kick off this series. The interview was by phone during the Coronavirus pandemic. He was covering the front desk even though Atlantic View Hotel is temporarily closed. When the hotel reopens soon, you’ll be able to meet Jason Mathis-White in person.

Photo of Jason Mathis-White

Personally Speaking

How are you and your loved ones doing/coping during this time?
JM-W: Everybody is OK and safe. My husband is as well and he is also a property manager, so he’s considered essential. We’re doing the best we can. We have family in Washington, DC and Delaware and all are healthy and good.

At Atlantic View Hotel

How long is your hotel closed for?
JM-W: Right now, we are scheduled to reopen May 15, 2020, so we are accepting reservations for that date and beyond.

Are you still on site and if so, what are your hours?
JM-W: No, I am working remotely, but answering all incoming calls from about 8am-6pm.

Which staff are still working onsite?
JM-W: All hotel locations are closed at this time.

What extra safety and cleanliness precautions have you taken there?
JM-W: When we had guests, before the Governor mandated State wide shut down, we offered room service for each guest. They could place orders at the front desk and an attendant would deliver wrapped meals to guests. Extra sanitizing measures were put in place. This included an hourly cleaning list and all high touch points were, and are, a top priority.

Dewey Beach

What is it like in Dewey Beach right now?
JM-W: Pretty quiet obviously. It’s sunny and windy today. I’ll see the occasional kid riding their bike, or someone walking their dog. Some construction is still happening on Rte 1, corner sidewalk bump outs in some places, repaving and such. They are getting ready for the summer season and eventually tourists.


Beating COVID-19

What is your best advice for staying positive during this challenging time?
JM-W:Remembering it REALLY IS a temporary situation. And knowing that after we conquer it, life will get back to some sort of normalcy. I do appreciate it (this time) because it forces families to truly appreciate each other and be reminded of what is truly important in life. Relationships will hopefully come out on the other side stronger for it.


From what you have witnessed, what do you wish people would do more of to help this pandemic come to a quick end?
JM-W:Follow the recommended guidelines. Stay at home, and if you have to go out, let it truly be for a necessary reason. I really believe we can get over this mountain quicker if everybody follows the rules. But I believe it needs to be nationwide. Use wisdom.


Who would you like to shine a positive spotlight on because of their valiant efforts during this pandemic?
JM-W:I’d like to shine a light on pastors who have made a tough decision to close their doors during this time. Those that have found creative ways to further their ministry even though the building is closed. It’s not easy to do things differently than the way you’ve always done them. When you keep people engaged and encouraged, that should be commended. They are finding new ways to be the church outside of the building.

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