How to Get Your Work Groove Back After a Beach Vacation

Dewey Beach VacationAfter a week spent relaxing on the beach, enjoying leisurely dinners and sleeping in at the Atlantic View Hotel, it can be challenging to motivate yourself on your first day back at your desk.

Here’s how to get your work groove back after a beach vacation:

Resume your routine

The night before your first day back, go to bed at your usual time (or even a little earlier). Set your alarm when you normally do, and if you usually attend an early morning workout class, don’t skip it! Pack your lunch the night before so you’ll have something healthy to munch on at work.

Make a to-do list

Before diving in, make a list of your goals for the day and the week. Make sure to include loose ends you didn’t have a chance to tie up before you left.

Clean out your inbox

One of the items on your to-do list should be catching up with emails you missed while you were away. Dedicate some significant time to sorting through your backlog.

Don’t overload yourself

If possible, try not to schedule too many meetings or commitments for your first day back. It’s normal to need some time to play catch-up.

Bring some of your vacation back to work with you

Decorate your desk with a souvenir from your trip, whether it’s a shell from the beach or a happy family photo. When the daily grind starts to get you down, you’ll have a reminder of your amazing trip and the memories made.

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