Giving the Gift of Experiences

Before heading out to the mall or visiting your favorite shops online, consider giving the gift of experiences.

Here are 5 great reasons you should give experiences this holiday instead of material gifts:

Experiences foster togetherness

While tech and gadgets are typically used alone, experiences are best enjoyed with friends and family. Spend time with your loved ones this holiday season by gifting experiences. Anything from concert tickets to an afternoon at the movies to an unforgettable vacation are all great examples.

Experiences make memories

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, give experiences. While enjoyment of objects can diminish over time, experiences continue to make us happy as we recall the happy memories. Plus, the gift recipient will probably love looking back at photos of the experience after it has happened.

The gift of anticipation

When you book someone an experience like a winery trip or a vacation to the beach, they will also experience pleasure looking forward to the event. With the stress of the holiday, remembering something fun is coming up can help dissipate current stressful situations

Experience gifts decrease competition

We often judge ourselves against our neighbors and it is only human nature. However, this effect can decrease with experience gifts.

It can be a gift for you, too

If you make a movie reservation or plan a family vacation, you will be giving yourself an amazing present as well!

A vacation is the ultimate experience. Gift your significant other and loved ones a relaxing stay at the Atlantic View Hotel in 2020. Book a room as a holiday present, visit in 2020 and enjoy the anticipation in between!

Experience Gifts

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