Does The Atlantic View have an elevator?
How many parking spaces are available per room?
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Guaranteed Reservations
Cancellation Policy
Age Policy
Non-Smoking Policy
Pet Policy
Quiet Policy
Late Arrivals
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Room Occupancy
Do you have a minimum nights stay policy?
Payment Options
How do I cancel a reservation?
How do I make changes to a reservation?
Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?
Will my credit card be charged if I forget to cancel my reservation?
Do you have rollaway beds or cots available?
Do children stay for free?
What is included in Complimentary Breakfast?
Complimentary Hospitality Hour consists of:
How can I make special requests regarding my stay?
Do you have government rates available?
Do you have on-site laundry facilities?
Do you accommodate late check outs?
How do I get an item returned if I’ve left it behind?
Beach Area Transportation