Early Bird Book 2020 Now

There are plenty of good reasons to book your 2020 reservations early. Here are our favorite reasons to be an early bird and book 2020 now.

Get first dibs

First of all, get your pick of prime dates. If there is a festival or special event happening, you’ll have many options for room sizes, accommodations and more if you book early. Plus, if you have special needs, or have extended family traveling with you, you can usually get better accommodations. Perhaps you have a favorite room at your favorite hotel. You are more likely to be able to reserve that room if you book early.

Ringing in the New Year rings in higher prices

Second, usually the ringing in of the new year, may ring in higher prices at hotels. If you make reservations before the ball drops, you may be able to not only snag the exact room you like, but also get a better deal.

Pick of top tours and more

Next, after you have your hotel reserved, you can usually have your pick of top tours if you start your research early. From walking tours to eating tours and spa packages, there are usually discounts to be had when reserving the year prior. Plus, since you are reserving well in advance you get better picks of days and times.

2 gifts, one payment

Also, vacations are one of the best gifts to receive during the holidays. Consider researching a beach get away, perhaps in Dewey Beach, and giving it to your significant other or spouse. Not only will you have one more gift item checked off your holiday gift list, but then you’ll be enjoying that vacation when it comes up in 2020. Kind of like getting 2 gifts for one payment!

Rack up Rewards

Many hotels have reward programs you can take advantage of throughout the year. For example, Seaboard Rewards can earn you and your family free night stays and it’s 100% free to join. This can make your hard earned dollars go a lot further providing great perks for future vacations.

early bird book 2020

2020 may seem like a long way off, but we highly suggest being an early bird and consider booking your 2020 vacation now.

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