5 Trends for Summer 2015 Swimwear

While many people view the summer season as a time to enjoy some much needed sun, sand, relaxation and fun, there are plenty of others who view it as a time to switch out their wardrobe for a new season of fashion trends. We have no doubt that there will be plenty of runway-inspired swimwear hitting the beach this season. Will you be among the most fashionable?

Here are just a few of the top 2015 swimwear trends we’re expected to see this season:

Crop top bikinis – Adding a more modest option for women, the crop top bikini will allow wearers to be more active while enjoying beach activities. That means you’ll be able to play a game of beach volleyball, do a bit of skim boarding and splash around in the water without worry.

Animal print – No, we’re not just talking about the leopard and cheetah print that you’re used to seeing at the beach. This summer, it’s all about tribal, jungle fever! Snake print, crocodile print and so much more. It’s all about fresh, bold prints.

High-waisted bikini bottoms – We had a feeling this trend would make its way to swimwear at some point. Much like high-waisted shorts and jeans have dominated women’s fashion for a few years now, it’s time to take matters to the beach! This is great news for those who aren’t so confident in bearing their midriff, but aren’t ready to rock the one-piece just yet.

Wrap bikini tops – You’ve probably seen these before; instead of simply having strings that tie or clip together, this top wraps down lower to your rib cage before coming back around to be tied in the back. The amazing thing about wrap tops is that they help to elongate your torso and give the illusion of a toned, thinner stomach. No need to wonder why this style is so popular.

Accessorizing swimwear – Sometimes you head to the beach with no intention of hitting the water. Why not look your best when lounging out on the sand, taking in the rays and reading your favorite magazine? A nice statement necklace or body chain may be just what you need to take your look to the next level.

If this doesn’t get you excited for beach days after countless days of wool socks and infinity scarfs, we don’t know what will! Update your summer wardrobe and book your trip to Dewey Beach today!

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